series of time

There are numerous ways to spend time and many diverse feelings of it.
In the first place, the lunar calendars differs from the solar calendar.
---Look up at the sky. The sight of the moon. Waxing and Waning are showing signs of time passing. In the second place, the cycle of the seasons is to anounce the changes of the times. Plants are just natural clocks.The clock of life is in control of the natural cycle such as the waxing and waning and the ebbing flow.
The color emerging from the sunlight, and how it changes due to time.
- moving, shining, and withering onto life -
Poignant memories are changes in the process of time, and then the core remains in my memory. Equally [HAN] is slowly formed through the burning of a copperplate. Time and nature acts as an agent to form something.
As time passes , change- no change, appearance-disapearance.
There are glmpses of the phenomenon of nature.

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